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Muscle & Joint Relief


  • The Riaxin External Pain-Relieving Pad combines the best of Eastern medical history and Western science. It promotes relief of severe aches such as those due to arthritis, bone spurs, herniated discs, bursitis, muscle strains, joint sprains, and many sports injuries. Riaxin is not a drug. It is a trans-dermal pad that is 100% naturally medicated. There are no adverse side effects. Our customers agree that Riaxin is both effective and convenient. Riaxin is unique in every aspect, right down to the packaging. Each pad contains an effective, all-natural solution that is trans-dermal. This solution penetrates the skin and promotes the circulation of blood in the area in order to accelerate the healing process. Many other types of pain relieving methods may require many treatments and the relief may be temporary. We recommend just four pads per treatment. And the benefits are long-term. Riaxin goes on like a bandage, so it is very easy to apply. There is no messy cream or overbearing smell to deal with. Just Choose from one of four different sizes to accommodate your specific area of pain and affix the pad right over the ailment.
  • Triflora Arthritis gel is a fast-acting pain relieving gel containing homeopathic extracts of 3 proven, botanical ingredients in a soothing Witch Hazel base and leaves no embarrassing locker room odor. It provides natural, dependable relief for arthritis/tendonitis, aches, pains & stiffness, improves mobility and can be used along with other medications. Triflora Arthritis gel contains natural medicines to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness in joints & muscles. In addition to improving mobility, Triflora Gel is a safe, effective topical analgesic and can be used along with other medications. Clinically tested, Triflora Gel provides relief for 8 out of 10 arthritis sufferers. The witch hazel base is soothing to the skin, not greasy, and does not burn or chill. Triflora has a pleasant, herbal fragrance, and it does not contain animal by-products or petroleum.
  • Golden Sunshine’s Herbal Spray is popular among sports enthusiasts for its convenience and for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, strains, bruises and sprains. Ideal for athletes before (preventative), during (injury), and after (healing) – just spray it on the affected area and keep playing.
  • Pain Freeze Patch: For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backaches, arthritis strains, bruises and sprains. For external use only. Bandage will remain effective up to 24 hours and will be even more effective when used after a bath.
  • Arniflora Arnica Gel relieves: Pain, Swelling, Stiffness & Bruising. The Natural Topical Pain Reliever. Pain Relieving Gel for Bumps, Bruises, Sprains, Sports Injuries & Over-exercising. Arniflora is a modern pharmaceutical preparation containing 8% tincture of Arnica Montana. Arnica Montana tincture is a medicine that has been used for centuries to relieve the aftereffects of falls, blows, sports injuries & overexertion. It makes black-&-blue marks go away faster and relieves the pain, swelling & stiffness caused by physical trauma. It is a favorite of athletes, coaches and trainers. Immediately after over-exercising or receiving a minor injury, apply Arnica Gel to ward off pain, stiffness and black-&-blue marks.
  • Tien Chi and Analgesic Yao Jin relaxes tendons and muscles, promotes healing and stops pain. Used for injuries, fractures, sprains, tears to ligaments, and bruising. Popular in sports and martial art injuries.

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Cough Treatment


  • Natural Herb Loquat Extract is a product of Hong Kong. This formula has been made for decades and enjoys an international reputation for quality and effectiveness. The main ingredient of the extract formula is loquat (17%), for which the leaf and fruit are considered very useful in treating coughs and moistening dryness. The extract includes fritillaria bulb (15%,), apricot seed (8%), platycodon root (7%), licorice root (5%) and peppermint (source of menthol, at 1%). It is prepared in a thin water-honey base. Loquat leaf is often used in Chinese herb formulas and syrups to alleviate “lung heat” syndromes. These diseases are usually caused by infections, though they can arise from other causes, such as smoking. The main application of the syrup is coughs, but loquat leaves also are used to alleviate skin disorders of the face, which are often attributed also to lung heat.

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Natural Health Supplements


  • Vegemax Vegetable Supplement is a multifunctional supplement made from vegetable extracts. Its unique patented formula is commonly known in Asia as “Herbal Formula for Extended Life”. Stress is an inevitable consequence of life. Excessive stress cause diseases and harm your health. Vegemax can help cleanse your internal system and provide essential nutritional support. It contains myriad vitamins, minerals, food fiber, and is free of any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Vegemax can be taken to help with the following symptoms: constipation, facial wrinkles and spots, cold extremities, gray hair, shedding, etc. The ingredients of Vegemax include burdock root extracts, radish and radish leaf extracts, carrot extracts, and shiitake extracts. These herbs and vegetables contain many natural compounds and innate intricacies that play off of one another in complex reactions. Even modern science cannot definitively describe what they are and account for all the salubrious effects that act to nurture the body.
  • Slim-30 Natural Herb for Weight Loss is an improved herbal supplement based on the Ei Ta Mei Natural Herb for Weight Loss. The new Slim-30 adds two additional ingredients: Tangerine and Chinese Licorice, both of which can enhance digestion for better weight loss results. With all the features of Ei Ta Mei, Slim-30 provides more robust and better results in just 30 days.

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Black Seed Oil

Commonly known as the “seed of blessing,” black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used as a natural remedy in the Middle and Far East for more than 2000 years. Black seed provides nutritional support for the body’s defense system. In 1959, the active ingredient in black seed, crystalline Nigellone, was first isolated and identified as providing many health benefits. Clinical trials have validated the efficacy of black seed in promoting health and wellness. The most pertinent point to be made about black seed is that it should be regarded as part of an overall holistic approach to health and ideally should be incorporated into one’s everyday lifestyle. In this way, the many nutritional and healing properties contained in the seed can help build the body’s immune system over time, supplying it with the optimum resources it needs to help prevent and fight illness.

Premiun 100% pure cold pressed oil. It is the purest and finest oil you will ever come across. A natural extraction method is expeller pressed in the absence of light and oxygen with a special low-volume press thereby preserving the natural vitamins and minerals.

Black Seed oil contains the following Essential Fatty Acids: Myristic Acid (0.5%), Palmitic Acid (13.7%), Palmitoleic Acid (0.1%), Steartic Acid (2.6%), Oleic Acid (23.7%), Linoleic Acid [Omega-6] (57.9%), Linolenic Acid [Omega-3] (0.2%), Arachidic Acid (1.3%) – and the following nutrient components Protein, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Niacin, Folacin, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus.

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Nasal Spray


  • Cold Spring Liquid Spray: Relieving allergic symptoms (stuffed nose, running nose, sneezing…) of pollenosis and Treating & Preventing Cold (Virus) Rapidly

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