Poor Blood Flow or Blood Circulation Problem – Do you experience tingling, burning or numbness of either the hands or feet? Do you suffer from Cramps in the Calves or Leg? Does your skin Have a Blue or Reddish Color or pale complexion? Do you find skin sores heal slowly or don’t heal at all? If you answered YES to two or more of these symptoms then it is almost certain that you may just be one of millions of population who suffer from blood circulation problem. Now you may think these symptoms are no big deal. But make no mistake about it? This is SERIOUS, in-fact Potentially Life Threatening! This common condition can lead to various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, angina, and arteriosclerosis (hardening of arterial walls).

Blood Circulation Problem – Poor Blood Flow Symptoms

Poor Blood FlowPoor Blood Flow or Blood Circulation Problem previously known only to affect those of middle-age and the elderly, it is now more widespread among younger people. Blood Circulation Problem refers to limited blood flow throughout the body, particularly in the peripheral areas such as the hands, legs, and feet. The smoothness of blood flow is crucial to a healthy existence as blood carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. Many people underestimate the occurrence of these impaired circulation symptoms. The symptoms of Blood Circulation Problem do not develop overnight. They begin in a very mild form, and steadily worsen as time goes on.When your major organs do not receive adequate oxygen and nutrition, and if left untreated, it can result in a myriad of chronic conditions ranging anywhere from varicose veins to kidney damage to a heart disease, stroke and cancer which might Claim Your Life!

Poor Blood Flow or Blood Circulation Problem in many cases might also cause chest pain, shortness of breath, altered heart rate, pain in the legs while walking or do any physical activity and the pain goes away while sitting down. The brain is filled with many blood vessels, and needs a great deal of blood flow in order to function to the best of its ability. When that blood flow is reduced – means poor-oxygen to the cell, you might experience low in energy, feeling tired easily and all the time, loss of memory, lack of mental clarity, lack of stamina, feeling lethargic, unexplained headaches and sudden dizziness. Lack of blood circulation in the body can also further damage the liver and the kidneys.

Poor Blood FlowProper healing of wounds requires blood flow to the injured area. If blood flow is impeded, as is the case whenever circulation problems are present, the body is not getting the blood flow it needs in order to heal correctly. This results in a much slower healing of any wounds that may be present, and, in advanced cases, the wound may not heal at all.

Libido as well as erectile dysfunction is a touchy subject for many people, even though it is still an important component of good health; this may be one of the most difficult symptoms of poor circulation to confirm. Poor blood flow to penis causes sexual or erectile dysfunction. The symptoms are lack of sex drive, fatigue, also including lack of vitality. Poor blood flow can affect our reproductive organs as well. Serious poor blood flow problems could significantly impede such function make one impotent as well.

Causes of Poor Blood Flow or Blood Circulation Problem

Poor Blood Flow or Blood Circulation Problem is more rampant in urbanites due to overweight or obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), and sedentary lifestyles. Spending long hours in poor occupational postures and the lack of exercise have since been credited as major culprits.

Poor Blood FlowPoor dietary habits (imbalanced diets) also increase the risk of developing poor blood flow which then leads to circulatory system diseases and disorders. Excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine, use of certain drugs or smoking could also be responsible for poor blood flow.

Obesity affects million adults and teenagers around the world, and is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic and there are many problems arising from being obese-these can range from heart disease through to diabetes through to lower leg circulation problems where blood is not able to get from the lower part of the body. In Men, Obesity decreases blood flow to penis thereby causes sexual or erectile dysfunction.

Treatment for Blood Circulation Problem or Poor Blood Flow

Fortunately, treatment is simple and generally relatively inexpensive, and can in some cases even reverse the condition, especially when you start treatment when poor blood flow symptoms first appear. When it comes to your continued health, the effort it takes to improve leg circulation is more than worth it.

Poor Blood FlowYou may prevent or improve circulation symptoms by making your lifestyle changes, particularly by maintaining a balanced diet, giving up smoking, sit with correct posture, lose weight if you are overweight, as well as regular exercise.  Yoga is another useful exercise for improving blood circulation. Headstand, a part of the Yoga regimen, is another exercise which can prove useful for improving your blood circulation and keep your body fit. Headstands also provide nourishment to the pituitary glands and the pineal glands of the brain.

Drink plenty of water for proper hydration. Avoid saturated and trans fats, condensed milk, refined sugars in your diet and products that contain it, as well caffeine, red meat and products with white refined flour. Fruits and vegetables are good for your health, particularly oranges, which provide high levels of bioflavonoids to promote blood flow while also strengthening capillaries. Watermelon is a natural source of lycopene, which has been known to help prevent plaque buildup, a common hindrance to blood flow, to help promote healthy circulation. Garlic is very beneficial for poor circulation, so you should eat plenty of it. Consider the usage of herbal supplements such as Ginko biloba, rosemary and vitamin E are recommended.

Massage is another great way to improve poor circulation. Massage therapy releases contracted muscles and pushes venous blood towards the heart thus easing the strain on this vital organ. This increase in circulation brings energy producing nutrients and oxygen to your cells as well as carries away metabolic waste products that can make you feel listless and drained. In addition, it increases your body’s oxygen carrying red blood cell count helping to bring even more oxygen to your body’s cells.

Poor Blood FlowSteam, Sauna or Jacuzzi is also very beneficial, the heat stimulates your blood vessels near your skin’s surface to expand, and more oxygen will enter to your body parts and muscles, which in turn helps increasing the blood flow to different body parts. The steam stimulates the lymphatic system to increase blood circulation.

Hot and cold showers or Hydrotherapy is another method of improving blood circulation. Hot showers followed by cold ones, but of course without extreme changes in the water temperature. The hot water will cause the blood vessels near the surface of the skin to dilate so that more blood can flow, cool down and maintain the right temperature, whereas the cold water will cause the vessels to restrict, and keep the blood away from the surface to maintain correct temperature. When these two mechanisms are alternated several times, it gets the blood circulating, bringing oxygen to skin, muscles and tissue.

By: Irwanlee

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