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Category: YogaInstructionTherapy

  1. Genesee, American Fitness Center
  2. Genesee, Dibbleville Yoga
  3. Genesee, Samadhi Yoga Center
  4. Genesee, Wellness Massage Therapy & Yoga
  5. Genesee, Yoga in the Woods
  6. Genesee, Yoga Loft & Sharp Fitness
  7. Genesee, YWCA
  8. Jackson, Sacred Touch Massage Therapy
  9. Lenawee, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  10. Lenawee, Aligned Chiropractic & WLLNSS - Maria Miaritis DC
  11. Lenawee, Bellagio Wellness Center
  12. Livingston, Just Breathe Yoga & Spin LLC
  13. Livingston, Yoga For Healthy Living
  14. Livingston, Yoga Healing Spirit Rising
  15. Macomb, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  16. Macomb, Aligned Chiropractic & WLLNSS - Maria Miaritis DC
  17. Macomb, Bodhi Seed Yoga Center
  18. Macomb, Santosha Yoga LLC
  19. Macomb, Sean Downey Yoga & Health Center
  20. Macomb, Yoga Association of Detroit
  21. Monroe, Mindful Movement
  22. Oakland, Ashtanga Yoga Room
  23. Oakland, Birmingham Yoga Center
  24. Oakland, Clarkston Hot Yoga
  25. Oakland, Detroit Yoga
  26. Oakland, Divine Yoga
  27. Oakland, Fitness RX Yoga & Pilates
  28. Oakland, Health And Energy Massage
  29. Oakland, Jivamukti Yoga Detroit
  30. Oakland, Jonny KEST Center for Yoga
  31. Oakland, Karma Yoga
  32. Oakland, Namaste Yoga
  33. Oakland, O F Yoga House
  34. Oakland, Padmakshi Yoga, LLC
  35. Oakland, Passage To Yoga
  36. Oakland, Red Lotus Yoga
  37. Oakland, Spirit Junction
  38. Oakland, Updog Yoga of Rochester
  39. Oakland, White Lotus Center for Yoga
  40. Oakland, Yoga for Life
  41. Oakland, Yoga Medic
  42. Oakland, Yoga Now LLC
  43. Oakland, Yoga Planet Studio
  44. Oakland, Yoga Shelter
  45. Oakland, Yoga Shelter
  46. Oakland, Yoga Shelter
  47. Oakland, Yoga Vacations
  48. Oceana, Yoga Studio
  49. Oscoda, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  50. Oscoda, Aligned Chiropractic & WLLNSS - Maria Miaritis DC
  51. Saginaw, OLD Town University
  52. Washtenaw, A2 Yoga Works
  53. Washtenaw, Center for Yoga
  54. Washtenaw, Continuity Yoga LLC
  55. Washtenaw, Harmony Yoga LLC
  56. Washtenaw, Jonny KEST Center for Yoga
  57. Washtenaw, Russayog Yoga Studio
  58. Washtenaw, Salute To the SUN
  59. Washtenaw, Siddha Yoga Meditation Center
  60. Washtenaw, Sun-Moon Yoga Studio
  61. Washtenaw, Treetops Yoga
  62. Washtenaw, Yoga and Meditation
  63. Washtenaw, Yoga Focus
  64. Washtenaw, Yoga House
  65. Washtenaw, Yoga Space
  66. Washtenaw, Yoga-Iyengar Style by Donna
  67. Washtenaw, Yogaware Llc
  68. Wayne, Evolve Yoga Studio
  69. Wayne, FitZone for Woman
  70. Wayne, FitZone for Women
  71. Wayne, Living Waters Yoga
  72. Wayne, Livonia Yoga Center
  73. Wayne, New Center Yoga
  74. Wayne, Northville Yoga Center
  75. Wayne, Practice Yoga
  76. Wayne, Rising Sun Yoga Inc
  77. Wayne, Sattva Yoga Center LLC
  78. Wayne, Yoga Association-Greater
  79. Wayne, Yoga Practice Center
  80. Wayne, Yoga Shelter Grossepointe


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