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Category: AcupunctureAcupressure

  1. Genesee, Acupuncture & Alternatives
  2. Genesee, Alternative Health & Rehabilitation Center - Dennis Benn DC
  3. Genesee, Healthpoint PC - Edward Christy MD
  4. Genesee, Karen Debruyn
  5. Genesee, Rama D Rao MD
  6. Ingham, Comprehensive Pain Management
  7. Ingham, Comprehensive Pain Management - Yi-Shiuan J Lee MD
  8. Ingham, Integrated Health
  9. Ingham, Megan Long
  10. Lenawee, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  11. Lenawee, Blendl Chiropractic Life Center
  12. Livingston, Acupuncture Medical Clinic
  13. Macomb, A Health Nut Vitamin
  14. Macomb, Acupuncture Pain Control
  15. Macomb, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  16. Macomb, Blendl Chiropractic Life Center
  17. Macomb, Complete Care Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center
  18. Macomb, JUN H KANG Acupuncture
  19. Macomb, Michigan Head & Neck Institute
  20. Macomb, Natural Health
  21. Macomb, Ryan Foot & Ankle Clinic
  22. Macomb, Shaeffer Chiropractic
  23. Macomb, Shaklee Authorized Distributor Agnes Arseneault
  24. Macomb, Vitamin Village Discount
  25. Monroe, Cloud 9 Acupuncture Community CL
  26. Monroe, Cloud 9 Acupuncture Community Clinic
  27. Oakland, Acupressure Massage Clinc
  28. Oakland, Acupuncture Health Alliance
  29. Oakland, Acupuncture Health Alliance
  30. Oakland, Acupuncture Health Care
  31. Oakland, Acupuncture Laser Therapy Clinic
  32. Oakland, Acupuncture Specialist
  33. Oakland, Acupuncture Wellness
  34. Oakland, Ancient Approach Acupuncture
  35. Oakland, Center-Complimentary Medicine
  36. Oakland, Claddagh Chiropractic Healing Center
  37. Oakland, Claddagh Chiropractic Healing Center
  38. Oakland, Fhhcllc
  39. Oakland, GNC
  40. Oakland, Gordon Chiropractic
  41. Oakland, Health Oasis For Natural Research & Healing Arts
  42. Oakland, Innovative Medicine
  43. Oakland, Jingfei Huang
  44. Oakland, Kavieff T Reid DO
  45. Oakland, Lewerenz Medical Center
  46. Oakland, Metta Natural Health
  47. Oakland, Metta Natural Health Center
  48. Oakland, Michigan Alternative Medicine
  49. Oakland, Sheldon Stolman D.O
  50. Oakland, Sheldon Stolman DO
  51. Oakland, Somerset Pain Clinic
  52. Oakland, Susan Jakary Lac
  53. Oakland, Tai JI Wellness
  54. Oscoda, Aligned Chiropractic & Wellness
  55. Oscoda, Blendl Chiropractic Life Center
  56. Shiawassee, Golden Needle Acupunture
  57. St. Clair, Jae Y Lee MD
  58. Washtenaw, A2 Acupuncture
  59. Washtenaw, Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Center
  60. Washtenaw, Acupuncture Associates
  61. Washtenaw, Acupuncture Center
  62. Washtenaw, Acupuncture Center of Ann Arbor
  63. Washtenaw, Acupuncture Center-Ann Arbor
  64. Washtenaw, Acupuncturist
  65. Washtenaw, AMS Chinese
  66. Washtenaw, Bio Energy Medical Center
  67. Washtenaw, Center for Sacred Living
  68. Washtenaw, Constance Sundrla
  69. Washtenaw, DIgestive Health Ann Arbor
  70. Washtenaw, Heather Sloan
  71. Washtenaw, Integrated Health Care-Chelsea
  72. Washtenaw, Integrated Health Care-Chelsea - Martin P Gleespen MD
  73. Washtenaw, K J Foot & Body Acupressure
  74. Washtenaw, Kim Luke Y MD
  75. Washtenaw, Lotus Center of ANN Arbor
  76. Washtenaw, Rosanne Emanuele Acupuncturist
  77. Washtenaw, ST Joseph Mercy Reichert - Luke Y Kim MD
  78. Wayne, Acupuncture Holistic
  79. Wayne, Acupuncture Treatment Concepts
  80. Wayne, Allen Park Health Center - Muzaffar K Awan MD
  81. Wayne, ANT Farm Compassion CLUB
  82. Wayne, Associated Chiropractic Clinic & Medical Center
  83. Wayne, Better Health Store
  84. Wayne, Body Essentials Therapeutic Massage LLC
  85. Wayne, Breathing Water Health Center
  86. Wayne, Cherry Fest Compassion CLUB
  87. Wayne, Chinese Acpuncture & Herbal
  88. Wayne, Chiropractor Detroit
  89. Wayne, Davis CUT Rate DRUGS
  90. Wayne, Detroit Commmunity Acupuncture
  91. Wayne, Detroit Free Seventh Day Adventist Church
  92. Wayne, Detroit Wholistic Center
  93. Wayne, Edward Simmons Massage Therapists
  94. Wayne, Elmwood Park Medical Clinic
  95. Wayne, GNC
  96. Wayne, GNC
  97. Wayne, GNC
  98. Wayne, GNC
  99. Wayne, Green Alternatives
  100. Wayne, Innate Chiropractic - Robert Pizzmenti DC
  101. Wayne, Milestone Specialized Care Inc
  102. Wayne, Natural Recovery Products
  103. Wayne, Nature's Products
  104. Wayne, New Life Acupressure
  105. Wayne, Pain & Rehabilitation PHYS
  106. Wayne, Pamper Me Healthy
  107. Wayne, QIAN Wang
  108. Wayne, Shaklee Distributor
  109. Wayne, Tomil
  110. Wayne, Touch Medicine Therapeutic
  111. Wayne, Treatment Concepts Acupuncture


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