Spiritual Wellness

Many natural and alternative health methodologies are holistic in nature, meaning they consider the patient as a single whole entity, rather than a simple sum of parts. This holistic viewpoint encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a human being.

Spiritual Wellness can often overcome other types of sickness and disease, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Many of the alternative and complementary treatments and systems discussed in these pages contains a spiritual element to some degree. For instance, many of the whole medical systems from ancient cultures emphasize spiritual health as well as personal, family, and community health. Movement systems such as yoga and silat also contain spiritual aspects.

You must first learn to heal yourself…

Philosophers and scientists alike have tried to discover the secrets of the human spirit. However, the truest wisdom regarding ourselves often comes from within.

Many Paths to Spirituality…

Spirituality is often a very personal and very individual subject. Every form of spirituality contains some type of contemplation of the self, or meditation, in order for the seeker to gain self-awareness. Many different forms of meditation exist, from Zen Buddhist meditation, to the meditation found in yoga, and from mindfulness meditation to Sufi meditation and zikr. Each of the major religious traditions also has an inner, or esoteric, spiritual element. Different types of philosophies and systems of thoughts, such as Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way.

There are as many paths… as there are breaths of humankind…

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