Homeopathic Education & Training


In European countries, training in homeopathy is usually pursued either as a primary professional degree completed over 3 to 6 years or as postgraduate training for doctors.

In the United States, training in homeopathy is offered through diploma programs, certificate programs, short courses, and correspondence courses. Also, homeopathic training is part of medical education in naturopathy. Most homeopathy in the United States is practiced along with another health care practice for which the practitioner is licensed, such as conventional medicine, naturopathy, chiropractic, dentistry, acupuncture, or veterinary medicine (homeopathy is also used to treat animals).

Laws about what is required to practice homeopathy vary among states. Three states (Connecticut, Arizona, and Nevada) license medical doctors specifically for homeopathy. In addition, the Council for Homeopathic Certification collaborates with the North American Society of Homeopaths to provide certification standards and promote excellence in the field.

Homeopathy Academies, Schools, Courses

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Entire schools are dedicated to homeopathy, and students can learn via correspondence and distance-learning courses as well. In the United States, both the National Institutes of Health and the American Medical Students Association have included homeopathy in their initiatives to expand CAM research and teaching in conventional medical schools and curricula.

Below is a brief listing of schools and academies dedicated to homeopathic research and teaching, in the US and the UK:

Homeopathic Treatment

Typically, in homeopathy, patients have a lengthy first visit, during which the provider takes an in-depth assessment of the patient. This is used to guide the selection of one or more homeopathic remedies. During followup visits, patients report how they are responding to the remedy or remedies, which helps the practitioner make decisions about further treatment.


Extracted from the NCCAM FAQ page on Homeopathy.


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