Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

As Westerners, we often view the world around us and our own sense of health and well-being as two separate things: We struggle to change or influence the forces and people that we believe hold power over us.

The ancient Chinese world view did not make this distinction; power was perceived as universal, an integral part of the whole person—a product of health, strength and energy that came from within. Traditional Chinese medicine believed that all herbs and foods had the power to enhance overall health and energy. By using selected herbs to nourish, strengthen and release energy blockages from various functions in the body, ancient Chinese herbalists sought to prevent illness before it appeared.

Herbal Therapy

Because the ancient Chinese were an agrarian people, the imagery of their herbal philosophy comes from the natural elements. The cycles of life—the seasons, natural phenomena, physical elements, even the energy meridians and Organ systems which they observed followed certain patterns. The Chinese organized these patterns into five primary groups called the Five Elements, each named for an element in nature and a major organ system associated with it. Seasons, tastes and other attributes were assigned to one of these groups.

For example, Winter, which is cold and Yin, corresponds to the Water Element, ruling the Kidney organ system. Winter turns to Spring, the Wood element—still cool, less Yin, ruling the Liver system. Then comes Summer, the Fire element, with the attributes of Yang, growth and heat, ruling the Heart center. Late Summer, the Earth element, follows as the season of harvest and transformation, ruling the Organ called the Spleen. Next is Autumn, the Metal element, declining and cooling, corresponding with the Lung organ system; this is followed, inevitably, by Winter.

Dragon Eggs Herbs

The Dragon is a centuries-old Chinese mythical beast symbolizing power and strength; the eggs of the dragon represent the potential for this power that rests in everyone. Dragon Eggs combines the vital, powerful energy of Chinese herbs with the most exacting scientific standards to bring our uniquely powerful, natural products to health-conscious Western consumers. Experienced herbalists select only the finest quality herbs and carefully blend them according to complex formulas for specific energy needs.

In the lore of ancient China there lived dragons, mythical symbols of imperial power and creative forces. In the same way, Dragon Eggs Herbal Extracts are a concentrated, powerful source of balanced herbal energy. Dragon Eggs has also been known for the strength and effectiveness of its exceptional extracts. Formulated expressly to meet the energy needs of Americans, these are rich extractions of the highest grade Chinese herbs. These herbal formulas are assimilated rapidly, making them ideal as a concentrated energy source—the surge from these extracts is quicker and more intense than from whole herbs or tablets, although it generally doesn’t last as long. Because the extracts are highly concentrated, a single drop is equal in power to one tablet of a similar formula. Please SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING, as the herb solids tend to settle.

Dragon Eggs is an extensive line of Chinese herbal combinations formulated to meet the special energy demands of modern life. The Chinese herbal perspective of Dragon Eggs is ENERGETIC, not “medicinal.”

  • FOUR GINSENGS™ is the most balanced, energetic and tonifying of all the Dragon Eggs formulas and is suitable for long-term use. Circulating and warming, Four Ginsengs balances Yang energies with cooling Yin energies. This formula provides super nutrition to revitalize and re-energize the body after exertion or excesses.
  • WOMEN’S LONGEVITY™ contains special herbs which the Chinese have traditionally found to be valuable for women of all ages. Its balanced formulation offers nutritional support for all five major energy centers for both men and women. Women’s Longevity is suitable for long-term use and combines well with most Dragon Eggs formulas.
  • EXPRESS™ enlivens the circulation of physical energy so that stagnant energy can again move freely through your system. Because Express is not a stimulant, it works without draining vital reserves. If used often, we suggest combining Express with Dragon Eggs Women’s Longevity or Four Ginsengs for balancing and tonifying nutrition.
  • PEACEFUL™ increases the circulation of energy at a gentle, peaceful pace. Smoothly flowing mental energy nourishes Yin and disperses excessive energy. Cooling and calming for improved concentration, Peaceful is recommended for occasional use. This formula combines well with the tonifying Dragon Eggs formulas.

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